4 Reasons Apple and Macs Will Be Extinct by 2017

By Danny Horgan –


It’s 2013, and the general consensus in the world of technology is that Apple is on its way out. Sure, there will be some hipsters who hang to the brand for backwards social reasons, but it won’t be long before Apple dies out completely. Here are four reasons why.

4. Windows has their own stores now


For the past few years, Apple has been known for their cool, hip stores where anyone could walk in off the street and try the company’s latest technology. The outlets became a hub for mall goers and technology geeks alike, giving them a place to experience the cutting-edge developments from the Apple brand.

But recently, Windows began creating their own stores, and guess what? The Windows stores are way cooler. I went to a Windows store with my buddies Gomez and Scar the other day, and I met this really hot worker there. Turns out, this girl likes good music and is mad cool. I got her number and now we’re texting every day. Kickass.

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