I Think I’m Already Too Old to Understand Tumblr

By Danny Horgan –



On the surface, Tumblr looks like a chaotic blend of cat pictures, musician .gifs, and Henry David Thoreau quotes with absolutely no real unified meaning or purpose. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any evidence that disproves that notion.

As a blogger, I do my best to keep up with the latest Internet trends. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, I use Gmail, and I know the ins and outs of Reddit and WordPress. But Tumblr is far beyond my realm of understanding. Even though I just turned 23 years old, and I already think I’m too old to understand the social significance of the site.

The Awesome Cave is (kind of) on Tumblr, so I was able to browse the site and pull some pieces of media that went over my head. Here are my thoughts on each, enclosed in the captions:

Why are all these people dressed like Silas from The Davinci Code?

Why are three pictures needed to along with that statement? As a matter of fact, how do these pictures even remotely correlate with that statement?

Who the fuck is this guy?

Why are you looking at me so disapprovingly? What the fuck did I do wrong? Why do you have a Jheri curl?

Is this the episode of Gilmore Girls where Rory sleeps with that girl’s 18-year-old husband? That’s the only one I’ve seen.

Okay, this wasn’t actually on Tumblr. But it’s something I would post if I used the site regularly. This would fit, right?


There’s also a very good chance that my intellect level is so above the average Tumblr user that I’m simply incapable of understanding what’s going on in their heads. Either way, Tumblr is confusing as a bastard.

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