The 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights of All Time, Pt. 1

By Derek “Beans” Stephenson, Publisher of –

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Hello Cave Dwellers!

I am a HUGE, unashamed Dragon Ball Z fan. I grew up with the series, watching Toonami and waiting for the next part of the saga to continue. So writing an article about the series’ 10 best fights seemed like a natural choice. Enjoy!

10. Ginyu vs. Goku

Let me start out by saying this — I hate Goku. He’s too fucking happy, and it irks me. So when I see his ass getting beat, I naturally have to smile.

In this fight, Captain Ginyu of the Ginyu force challenges our shirt-hating hero only to intentionally get his ass kicked (so badly he becomes practically immobile). He then decides to pull a bumble-fuck move and switch bodies with a “HUG ME BROTHAH!” gesture.

"And we'll be bestest friends FOREVAH!!!!!"

Ginyu then inhabits Goku’s body while our hero gets the shit-stained body of Sir Ginyu as the now Ginyu-Goku flies away laughing. Needless to say, Goku does things involving a frog and eventually gets his body back, while Ginyu becomes reptilian for the rest of his days. But it was still nice to see good old Goku get fucked over for at least a little while.

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