The 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Fights of All Time, Pt. 2

By Derek “Beans” Stephenson –

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5. Goku vs. Kid Buu

As much as I hate Goku — and as much as I think it’s stupid the creators didn’t have Gohan  just end Buu — this fight, where Goku and Vegeta tag team the kid version of Buu in emphatic fashion, is pretty fucking amazing.  The battle involves much SSJ 3 (next fight, I promise) from Goku’s standpoint and much procrastination to gather energy for the spirit bomb because…well that’s like the final straw in all the fights when the writers have run out of ways to kill enemies.

Because this is totally inconspicuous.

Needless to say, after the group on Namek completely forgets that they have a giant dragon in front of them, they quickly heal and re-energize the weakened Goku. And through the power of teamwork and Hercule (I wish I could say that with a straight face), he vanquishes Buu, leaving everyone happy and gleeful. Oh joy…Fuck Goku.

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