The 10 Best Rock Songs of the Late 1990s

By TAC Staff –

The late 90s were a time where solid alternative music ruled the airwaves.  Unlike today, it was okay for radio hits to have some bite (and substance).  Here are’s picks for the 10 best rock songs from 1997-2000.

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10. The Way, Fastball 

Even with its dynamic guitar solo and catchy hook, what made “The Way” so great was the story it told. Fastball’s lyrics and hooks made them one of the 90s’ best alternative rock bands.

9. Zoot Suit Riot, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

There’s nothing better than when a modern band brings you back to a golden era of music.  That’s exactly what the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies did with this swing song that captured the brilliance of 1940s music.

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