The 5 Most Inappropriate Places to Use #Hashtags

By Danny Horgan –


#Hashtags may have started out on Twitter, but it seems like they’ve expanded to just about every other facet of life. Here are five places you should probably avoid using hashtags.

5. “Get Well” Cards


Dear Monica,

From everyone here at the Walker family, we wish you a speedy, pain-free recovery from your recently contracted illness. May the comforts of home and your family’s love guide you to renewed health and wellness.

#stdssuck #hopetheyfindacure

4. Witness Statements


After the verbal altercation, the larger Hispanic male made a physical advance towards the Caucasian male and grabbed him by his shoulders. It was then that the Caucasian male began throwing punches at the Hispanic male, hurting him and visibly rocking his equilibrium. The Hispanic male then took out a club and bludgeoned the Caucasian male over the head, rendering him unconscious. #knockeddafuckout #bitchsleepin

3. Business Emails


Dear Mr. Vrabel,

It is with great satisfaction that I report this month’s exponential increase in sales, due in large part to the merger of our two companies. Our numbers are up 120% from March, which has far exceeded the expectations of even our most optimistic employees. We have no doubt that the cooperation between our respective enterprises will continue to result in high profits for both entities. #hoodrich #winning #extrabahamencdsformykidsthischristmas

2. Job Applications:


Q: Are you willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays?

A: I am willing to work nights Monday through Friday and all holidays. On weekends, I am available Sunday during the day. I do, however, request my Saturday nights off. #familygamenight #cantworkwhilehighonsizzurp

1. Flirtatious Texts


Hey! Dinner tonight was a lot of fun. Be safe getting home! Definitely hope to do this again soon 🙂 #todaywasafairytale #ontopoftheworld #postdatebutterflies

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