The 6 Most Annoying Nerd Fandoms

By Alan Wilson –

If you’ve been to a nerd/geek fandom convention like Comic Con, then you’ve undoubtedly been around large cliques of fans. These events are invariably a good time, but there are certain geek fandoms which tend to draw particularly obnoxious behavior. Hence, I present the top 6 most annoying geek fandoms:

6. Hetalia

Axis Powers Hetalia is an anime inspired by World War II with personifications of Italy, Japan, and Germany. What Hetalia fans don’t seem to understand is that walking around a convention center doing the Nazi salute and brandishing a swastika makes you a huge asshole, regardless of whether or not it’s “in character.” I recommend locking all the Hetalia cosplayers in room and making them watch through Schindler’s List in its entirety.

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