The Awesome Cave Satire/Hyperbole Disclaimer

By Danny Horgan –

As our readership has been growing exponentially these past few months, we have been receiving more and more comments criticizing the analysis provided in some of our articles. While criticism of this site is always 100% welcomed (we are, after all, a publishing outlet and don’t believe in censorship), we wish to clarify the intent of our satirical stories.

Many articles I write on this site are purposely hyperbolic and sarcastic. For example, my article yesterday on the four reasons Apple and Mac will be extinct by 2017 was not a legitimate critique of the Apple company. I do not have friends named “Gomez and Scar”, and we did not go to a Windows store to pick up girls (nor would I consider that to be a reason for Apple’s potential downfall). The article was an attempt to back up an absurd claim with goofy, irrelevant evidence. Additionally, my article on the 7 most annoying things about hipsters is full of hyperbole. Claims like ” I once saw a hipster walk into a woman’s public bathroom and flip up all the toilet seats, just because he was a hipster” are meant to be over the top and ridiculous.

Some of you may be questioning why we need a disclaimer, as you do understand the difference between our serious stories and our satirical ones. It’s been for this reason that we’ve avoided a disclaimer in the past. However, this general lack of understanding has alienated passers-by of the site, and we truly want The Awesome Cave to be an understanding, welcome place for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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And guys, when you see a grown man wearing a #Swaggie shirt with a dead-straight face, it’s usually a joke.

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